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37: The End of Silence (2007)

We Can Handle It (2008)

A little bit o' everything and a whole lot of nothing

The Michael Project (2009)

Our first attempt at a rock opera.

We're Gorgeous Inside (2010)

Another year, another record.

Sterling (2011)

Listen and learn.

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From serious to stupid and everywhere in between, McFadden has been moderately entertaining friends and relatives for 14 years.

Angus McFadden - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Melodica, iPhone, Paint Cans, Laptop O' Jeffrey McFadden - Guitar, Piano, Drums, Vocals, Laptop St. Patrick McFadden - Mandolin, Fiddle, Lap Steel, Vocals, Maracas Sean McFadden - Bass, Vocals



Completed Albums

37: The End of Silence(2007)

Barry, Sagittarius
The Cornplaster Catechism
Two On One
SP 4000
Minor Seas (40/40/41)

We Can Handle It(2008)

A little bit o' everything and a whole lot of nothing

Track 1
The Myth of a Technological Future
Apple Collapse
Welcome Home Daddy
Tell Me About Someday Again
Blue Stripe
Filler Song
Technology Part II
A False Reality
The Bedazzler
The Hunt

The Michael Project(2009)

Our first attempt at a rock opera.

No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.

We're Gorgeous Inside(2010)

Another year, another record.

In My Dreams   Download
It's Never Too Late   Download
Question   Download
4 X 4   Download
Dawnna, My Love   Download
Fingers   Download
Chaquita Banana   Download
The McF Crew   (preferred)   Download
In Transition   Download
In My Dreams (acoustic)   Download


Listen and learn.

The Amazing Ride
My Own Worst Enemy
Five Miles to Bodie
Where is Here?
Cold Truth
Old Skool
Right Enough
One Last Thing